Center for Euro-Atlantic Integration

Famous for its excellent wines, and its legendary hospitality, Georgia is making a serious and successful transition into a modern European state. The country has undergone numerous successful democratic reforms resulted in the economy recovery and investment grows. The principal directions of Georgian foreign and domestic policy preserve the respect and affection of the international community. Country has made an obvious progress in building a democratic, prosperous and stable state. Euro-Atlantic integration, co-operation and dialogue between states and institutions have become a key to its security and stability.

Our Mission

The Center for Eeuro-Atlantic Integration is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) founded to support Euro-Atlantic integration process of Georgia.

The Center aims to promote this integration process by providing a variety of services and resources, including: funding effective local programs; managing and administering project funds, scholarships and endowments; matching donors' interests with community needs.

Georgia is going to return to its natural environment, Europe, its political, economic, social and cultural space. European Union provides significant assistance to Georgia in terms of economic and social development, enhancing educational and cultural cooperation and strengthening the judicial system and human rights.
Aspiring for NATO membership, Georgia has made the valuable contributions to the Alliance, playing an outstanding role in its operations as one of the most committed partners.
Gradual political development embracing and cherishing Georgian, as European identity, with considaration of the realities of geography and geopolitics. Georgia has committed itself to democracy and strongly affirmed its pro-Western course.

Support Operation Services

Provide in-country assistance on operational, financial, legal and strategic processes to manage projects and activities effectively including preparation, planning, implementation and evaluation. Get all the staff and resources working together to complete key tasks, in the right time and the right way.

Preparing the project

Defying problems and issues, working out how to resolve them using all the information available. Setting overall objectives and determining project scope.

Planning the project

Working out the key project objectives, milestones and outcomes. Creating the action planning chart or Gantt chart to break down the project into its individual tasks, listing specific resources, issues and timeframes.

Implementing the project plan

Implementing the Project according to the original plan, with regular monitoring of quality, deadlines, budget and risks to deliver expected outcome.

Evaluating the project

Evaluating achievements and determining misconduct of the project. Identifying improvement possibilities for future implementations.

Let's Work Together!


One of our ongoing projects is
Assisting Georgian population to participate in the United States Diversity Visa Program

DV Lottery - 2019


The State Minister of Georgia on European and Euro-Atlantic integration

The main functions of the office are implementation of coordination and monitoring of activities of the executive branch of the Government of Georgia on European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

Committee on European Integration, Parliament of Georgia

The objective of the Committee is to facilitate to integration of Georgia to EU and European structures


“I am Georgian, and therefore I am European” – Zurab Zhvania